Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

Small batch popcorn popped in the kettle with sugar and seasoned with salt. As the kernels heat up we add some sugar to melt right into the popcorn as it pops.  This gives the popcorn that crunchy light coating that you crave. A little bit of salt is added to the batch to give it that perfect Sweet & Salty taste!

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Caramel Corn

Nothing is like Sweet & Crunchy caramel popcorn; our Rich creamy caramel is handmade in the kettle using only the finest ingredients. We hand stir the caramel for 15 minutes until the caramel is hot enough to coat the plain popped popcorn, now this freshly coated caramel corn cools down on trays until it’s ready to package or eat!


Special Flavours Include:

Dark & Stormy

Coconut Crunch

Whiskey & Sriracha

Real Cranberry Caramel Corn

Maple with almonds and pecans etc…

Hundreds of flavors available upon request!

Cheese Popcorn!

Cravings newest addition to the stacked line up of delicious popcorn is our gourmet platinum white cheddar and aged orange cheddar popcorn. Pictures coming soon and is now being served at a farmers market near you!

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